After Sales Service

At Rockologist, we consider you as a good friend, and like a good friend we will maintain a good relationship even after the project has been completed long ago. Believe us, even till now we still keep in touch, warmly greet and exchange stories with our clients from 2016, and we really love doing that. The fact that we have been trusted to create works of art that our clients have used to witness their wondrous journey, really touched us deeply. And for us, maintaining that trust by still warmly greeting each other for years afterward, doesn’t feel like an exaggeration. In addition to maintaining good relations, we also have several after-sales services that can help you in several matters related to the jewelry you ordered from us, as follows;

1. Adjustment Service

Adjustment Service is a service where you can reapply rhodium layer on the jewelry (replating) and change the ring size (resizing). For replating you can change the rhodium color or stay with the same color as the initial color, and for resizing there is no limitation to the size you want to adjust. This Adjustment Service has the following conditions:

  1. Every product that was ordered at Rockologist is entitled to get 1x (one time) free Adjustment Service, and then the client can return to use this service with additional cost, as follow:
      • Adjustment Service (Resizing & Replating Work) IDR 200.000/ring and it will take 20 days.
      • Replating Work Only IDR 100.000/ring and it will take 10 days
      • In certain circumstances we can perform the service faster with additional cost, please contact our Customer Assistant for further information.
  2. Both Replating and Resizing work on this Adjustment Service must be done simultaneously. Even so, the client may choose to only do one of them, but work that is not done cannot be refunded or done at another time.
  3. The 1x Free Adjustment service, especially on the resizing work is only provided for clients who use one of the four measurement methods suggested by Rockologist, and must have been confirmed by the Customer Assistant for its accuracy by sending photos during the measurement process before initial payment is made.
  4. Changes in width, thickness, and shape of jewelry as well as changes in diamond color or size are not included in this Adjustment Service. However, these services can be done under the Revamp Work service.
  5. All delivery fees (from Client to Rockologist and from Rockologist to Client) due to the Adjustment Service become the client’s responsibility, either for 1x free or for paid Adjustment Service.
  6. When performing Replating and/or Resizing, there will be a process that causes the weight of the metal material to decrease, but we cannot return it in the form of money (refund) because this process causes the reduced metal material to become super small pieces that are scattered in the air and impossible to be collected. Only Resizing which is much larger than the initial size will increase the weight of the metal material. When the weight increases, the cost of the difference in the weight of the metal material will become the responsibility of the client. This provision only applies to paid metal materials, such as: Gold, Palladium or Platinum.
2. Buyback Guarantee

A buyback policy for handmade rings is usually hard to find yet Rockologist offers it just for our beloved customers with the following conditions:

  1. Every buyback service must go through an appraisal process by the Rockologist team. The selling price depends on the appraisal result. In normal conditions, the calculation of the selling price is: (Paid Metal Material Purchase Price + Diamond Purchase Price) x 0.75. The result of the appraisal process is fully the authority of the Rockologist and cannot be contested. The delivery fee of the jewelry to the Rockologist’s office for the appraisal process is entirely the responsibility of the client.
  2. Jewelry that can be resold is jewelry that consists of paid metal material without diamonds, paid metal material with diamonds, or free metal material with diamonds. Jewelry with free metal material and without diamonds cannot be resold, therefore it may not be included.
  3. The condition and quantity of jewelry and diamonds are must as stated in invoice and certificates. And also the quality of the diamonds on the jewelry must be in good condition and free from defects.
  4. Must include the following details; jewelry certificate, diamond card for jewelry using diamonds, packaging box and all the accessories included.
3. Revamp Work

We understand that sometimes you get bored with your jewelry design or you suddenly want to change its details because you were inspired by something, whatever the reason we always appreciate it. That’s why at Rockologist there is a service we call Revamp Work. Simply put, we can modify your Rockologist jewelry to your liking.

For example like;

  • Change or delete the engraving,
  • Increase the size or number of the diamonds or change its color,
  • Add or reduce the thickness and or width of the ring,
  • Modify the texture of the ring surface,
  • Replace any ornaments,
  • Even change the whole design,
  • And all other complicated things.

We can do this service for an additional fee which will be calculated specifically by our Customer Assistant according to the modifications you want. We can’t promise we can do everything, but we can do almost anything.

4. Packaging & Document Replacement

Accidents do happen sometimes, and losing your Rockologist jewelry packaging or documents is one of the most upsetting accidents. You don’t have to worry, because at Rockologist you can get your jewelry packaging or documents back that may be lost or damaged, with the following conditions;

    • Especially for the replacement of Certificate of Authenticity and Diamond Card, it can only be done after the client sends the original document in the form of an Official Lost Letter from the Police to the Rockologist’s office.
    • All shipping costs incurred due to this service are the responsibility of the client.
    • Client should pay the replacement cost as follows;
      1. Prism Packaging Set: IDR 250.000
      2. Natural Packaging Set: IDR 100.000
      3. Certificate of Authenticity: IDR 150.000
      4. Diamond Card: IDR 150.000

Those were all after-sales services from Rockologist to pamper you.  In the future we may add other services that will make you feel even more satisfied because you have made a project at Rockologist.  Feel free to contact our Customer Assistant on WhatsApp for more information about these services and how to send your jewelry to our office.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and understand it.
Have a wonderful day! 🖤