Order Form Terms

Please take the time to understand each point of the order form terms below so that you can fill out the order form easily and accurately. The results of the order form that you fill in will be automatically sent to the Rockologist Customer Assistant on WhatsApp. So you must fill out the order form using a device that has the WhatsApp application installed on it

1. Material

The published price stated in our Social Media or Website is a basic price which consists of artisan works and diamonds. The metal material in basic price is default metal and that’s free. The options are:

1. Silver

2. Copper

3. Brass

You can change the default metal to paid metal with the following calculation scheme: Basic Price + (Paid Material Price x Jewelry Final Weight).

Here’s our latest price list per gram of paid material:

*Prices are subject to change at any time.

As for paid metals, we will provide an initial estimate for the jewelry’s weight on the first invoice. The final invoice which determines the final price based on the final weight of the jewelry will be obtained after the project is completely finished, the result could be more or less than the initial estimation and cannot be contested. The weight of the jewelry is determined by the metal material chosen, the dimensions of the jewelry, and the design of the jewelry itself.

Rockologist Materials

2. Color & Coating

You are free to choose the plating color of your jewelry that suits your taste with no additional cost. At Rockologist we use the traditional electroplating color coating system with Rhodium material in several color options, as follows:
  •  Silver
  • Pale Yellow
  • Yellow
  • Rosegold
  • Dark Grey
  • Black
  • You can choose all the colors above in two finishing touches:
  • Glossy, or
  • Doff
  • You will get 1x free Adjustment Service in which there is a re-plating service in it, that you can redeem at any time, and if needed you can still use this service for a fee after that. You can use this service to re-plate your jewelry with the same color or a different color from the initial color. Contact our Customer Assistant for more information.
    Rockologist Rhodium Plating

    3. Ring Width

    The width of the ring is the part of the ring that is seen from above, not the part that is seen from the side (thickness). Here’s an image reference to help you determine what width is right for your finger. Some ring designs at Rockologist are only 1mm wide, there are also designs whose width is reduced or enlarged in certain parts. Filling and changing the width options will likely affect the proportions of the design. So we highly recommend that you fill the width option with ‘use my reference’, or discuss this with our Customer Assistant further if you really want to change the ring width.

    ring width

    4. Measuring Method Guide

    To determine the right ring size, you can use four methods that we think are the most accurate, namely:

    1. First Method

    This is our most favourite method; Ring Inner Diameter or Ringsample Rockologist. Among all measurement methods, we highly recommend this first method because of its high accuracy. See the image below for a guide to the correct ring diameter measurement. If you don’t have a ring yet, don’t worry! You can get Ringsample Rockologist for free here.


    2. Second Method

    Inserting your finger into the circle mall ruler, there are several types of circle mall ruler sold in the market, see the picture below so you don’t make the wrong choice of the circle mall ruler used.


    3. Third Method

    This method uses Rockologist PDF Sizer. You must be able to print the pdf to the proper scale to use this method. You will also need to provide scissors to be able to cut them and use them to measure your fingers. You can download the pdf here: PDF Sizer Rockologist.


    4. Fourth Method

    This method uses ring sizes from conventional jewelry stores. If you use this method, you have to make sure the standard size that the store uses is Asian, USA, British or European.

    Important Notes:
    • Take a photo when you take the measurement process, and send the photo to our Customer Assistant so we can help determine the accuracy of the measurements you take. You must do this as a condition to get the 1x Free Adjustment Service facility, in which there is a resizing service in it, if the size of the ring you receive doesn’t fit.
    • Each measurement method has a different size standard, for example, size 15 in method one is not the same as size 15 in method three. So make sure you fill in the size method you use correctly.
    • We do not recommend measuring using the circumference method that is widely spread on the internet, which is using paper or string wrapped around your finger and then measuring its length and dividing it by 3.14. At first glance the method seems similar to Rockologist’s PDF Sizer method, but believe us it’s actually very different, especially in terms of accuracy. Even the Rockologist PDF Sizer method, we highly recommend it as a last resort. The first method which is measuring the inner diameter of the ring or using Ringsample Rockologist is the most accurate that we highly recommend.

    5. Diamond Color

    There are several choices of diamond colors that you can choose from and whatever color you choose will not affect the price. Here are the options:

    • Black
    • Grey
    • Clear
    • Brown
    • Blue
    • Green
    6. Diamond Size

    The size of a diamond in Rockologist is measured by its diameter in millimeters. The following is a list of diamond prices by its size.



    • Rockologist have adjusted the size of the diamond to the ring design that we display at our social media or website. Changing the size of the diamond will affect the proportions and or the overall design. We recommend that you first consult the change in diamond size to our Customer Assistant.
    • The price list for diamond sizes above only applies to round brilliant cut diamonds.
    7. Ring Engraving

    You can fill this ring engraving option with; name, date, or even a short quote. This engraving will be engraved on the inside of the ring. The carving process at Rockologist is completely done manually by hand. So, you are free to determine the character. It doesn’t have to be an alphabet, it can be Javanese script, Arabic letters or even simple symbols. There is no additional charge for this engraving option. However, removing or changing an already engraved engraving will incur a fee, so confirm your idea before filling this out. Unfortunately for rings with a width of under 2mm or rings that are cylindrical in shape cannot be engraved. Please ask our Customer Assistant for other possibilities.

    8. Additional Notes

    If you want a change in some parts of the ring or write us a special message, please write in this section.

    9. Name

    This section is required because it is for shipping purposes. So, fill in this section with a clear name according to your ID card and nickname that is commonly used at home & in your neighborhood.

    10. Phone Number

    Make sure to fill in an active cell phone number, both WhatsApp, Calls & SMS. You can also include secondary cell phone numbers.

    11. Email

    Include a personal email that you usually use so that you can still be contacted if the cellphone number cannot be reached.

    12. Instagram

    Write your Instagram username in this section. So that we can stay connected on social media, we will not spread spam and mentions without prior permission.

    13. Address & Postal Code

    Fill in this section with your full address and postal code. The postal code will determine whether the JNE YES service can be used to your address or not. Otherwise, we have to use JNE REG. Please also pay attention to this matter to determine your service speed.

    14. Speed Service

    There are several service speeds that you can choose (not including delivery time):

  • Normal Service: 40 days
  • Express Service: 20 days (+200,000/ring)
  • Quick Express: 15 days (+300,000/ring)
  • Super Express: 10 days (+400,000/ring)
  • Urgent: 6 days (+600,000/ring)
  • Ready Stock Items (+600,000/ring)
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to read and understand it. Have a wonderful day! 🖤